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Back in 2004, Adam Gildersleeve, the founder and driving force behind Latent Light was with Jessops, designing their high street stores, having trained as a professional photographer.

Adam Gildersleeve
Founder of LatentLight in 2004

With a keen eye for detail, design and quality, and wanting to display his own work in alternative and creative ways, Adam became increasingly frustrated no one was producing the options he was looking for.

Back then printing to paper was about the only choice.

Not content with this, and convinced he wouldn’t be the only person looking for more innovative ways to display photographic art, Adam set about exploring how he could print photographs onto canvas and other ground-breaking media.

Up until that time digital photographic reproduction technology was clunky and cumbersome. As with much early technology the ideas were great, but the results left much to be desired and was pretty much unusable at a commercial level.

However, a number of significant advances meant we could combine many individual, specialised techniques and become one of the first UK companies to offer digital photographic reproduction to a wider public.

That was when Adam bought his first canvas printer, and Latent Light was born.

This was no glamorous beginning!

Latent Light’s first premises were Adam’s spare bedroom. However, within six short months the printer was running well above capacity and bigger premises were clearly needed. The business moved to a small 200 square foot unit, which it again quickly outgrew, moving to 1,000 sq. ft. and then 3,000 sq. ft., within 18 months.

Now, just over a decade on, Latent Light’s workshop space totals in excess of 12,500 square feet!

From a business set up by one man with a clear vision in 2004, Adam has painstakingly gathered together a team of over 20 highly skilled craftsman and women.

Yes, Latent Light has grown quickly, but not at the expense of its core beliefs, values or ethos.

From the earliest days, Adam’s vision has been to create only the highest quality, personalised products, using individually sourced materials.

Any creation emerging from our workshops must be stunning, cutting edge. A visual centrepiece our clients can be proud to possess and display. Objects of beauty, which capture treasured memories and emotions and display them at their best, for lifetimes to come.

Adam Gildersleeve, Latent Light founder and chief designer

Since our foundation, back in 2004, Latent Light has been at the forefront of product development, often bringing new and innovative ideas to market well before the competition have ever thought of it.

Fuelled by Adam’s fertile imagination and willingness to invest heavily in research and design, together with thorough product testing (long before you could ever think of buying it), Latent Light has consistently been at the forefront of photographic printing and display.

Our quality and design will never be compromised. Months and sometimes years of development and rigorous testing go into each product, before ever they are allowed to be released for sale. Fabrication materials are individually and personally source from hand selected suppliers, before our expert in-house craftsmen can begin the creation process.

If you share our values of innovation, detailed design and premium quality, then you need look no further. All the answers you’re looking for are already here.

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