Latent Light - Trade Partners

If you're a Pro-Photographer, Retailer or Trading company, looking for a one stop, print fulfilment partner for all your photo printing, picture framing and finishing needs, without any compromise on quality, you're in the right place.

We realise many Pro-Photographers, Retailers and Trading Companies are frustrated by spending long, fruitless hours trying to get different suppliers to work together.

Only to find the result is poor quality, they have to wait weeks and sometimes months for the product to turn up (as it’s been produced outside of the UK), or arrives battered and bruised, in no fit state for sale. This is all very disappointing and highly frustrating.

How much more simple would your life be if you could work with a UK partner who hand-manufactures every one of their products for you, in-house?

Products which have undergone months of rigorous personal testing. Created from only the very highest quality materials available. And a service backed by an industry leading 100% satisfaction guarantee? We’ll tell you more about this in a moment.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to deal with multiple fulfilment partners…

That’s why we’ve create our Trade Partners service, to provide you with a wholly UK based, one stop, integrated fulfilment partnership, which includes:

  • Exclusive trade partner discount to help build your business and profits
  • Exclusively in-house supply chain control – to enable us to fully control quality and reduce your waiting time
  • Entirely UK based manufacture – we will deliver when we promise, without long lead times
  • Every product hand-made in our workshops, by our in-house team of experienced craftsmen and women
  • Consistently high quality products, across our entire range, manufactured from carefully selected, premium materials
  • Individual long-term thorough testing of every product, to give you peace of mind
  • On time delivery – you tell us when you want your product, we’ll get it to you
  • Guaranteed delivery condition – we know the condition in which your product arrives is crucial. We guarantee it will arrive with you in the pristine condition it left our workshops
  • Industry leading satisfaction guarantee – see below for full details
We produce and deliver on time, on spec and in perfect condition, every time.

Your satisfaction and our working relationship is of utmost importance to us. Our success is built on the trust and delight of our partners and their customers.

That’s why, if for any reason your product order does not arrive with you in pristine condition, on time, we will happily replace your order. Or if our workmanship does not meet expectations, we will happily return 100% of your money.

No questions asked!

Important: Our trade partner accounts are not suitable for absolutely everyone.

If you only need the occasional product creating, this service is not for you.

However, if you’re a professional Photographer, Retailer or Trading Company, who needs to call on fulfilment services regularly, then we have the perfect solution.

Applying for a Trade Partner Account is very simple...

Just click the button below and a very short application form will appear (takes less than 3 minutes to complete).

Our dedicated team will review your application and create your account, ready for you to use, within 24 hours – we’ll notify you personally when it’s all set up and ready to go.

Apply for your Trade Partner Account here