Professional Acrylic Panels and Signage with Fixings Online

Acrylic Panels are beautiful products. These panels have 4 fixings, 1 in each corner to hold the panel around 25mm off the wall. Available in 5mm, 10mm and 20mm with lots of sizes plus a bespoke service as well. These panels are perfect for reception areas, business premises and any high traffic display areas, you can also use them as signage outside by asking us to print them on waterproof paper or decorate your garden space by putting them on the walls and fences. With a industrial feel these panels can be used just about anywhere. Acrylics in more detail...

Value 5mm Acrylic Panel

At 5mm this panel is light and sleek. Offering the same quality 271gsm print bonded on the back but with extra depth. This is our best selling panel and comes complete with 4 satin finish metal fixings and mirror finish polished edges.

Delivery within 11 working days

Classic 10mm Acrylic Panel

Best Seller

A 10mm cast acrylic panel with the same overall quality as our other 2, polished edges, satin fixings and made using specialised glues to bond the print. But, as you get thicker something amazing happens with the image and it begins to take on an almost 3D quality. Stunning!

Delivery within 11 working days

Professional 20mm Acrylic Panel

This 20mm Acrylic panel is a thing of beauty, highly polished Cast acrylic panel with a 271gsm print professionally bonded to the back. The extra thickness gives the image a depth and clarity that brings the images alive. Fixed with 4 chrome fixings and standing off the wall by around 25mm, this product is truly irresistible.

Delivery within 11 working days
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Acrylic Panels: The Ultimate Professional Acrylics at Affordable Prices

Highest Quality - made in the UK

cut crystal to symbolise quality

Clarity Is Key!
We use specialist glues to bond the highest quality professional print to cast acrylic panels. This is a far superior quality than using direct print techniques used by competitors. The edges of our acrylics are diamond polished to get the best finish possible.

Thickness! - It makes all the difference

thickness of our acrylic blocks

4 thicknesses as standard
We have specialised in acrylic manufacture since 2006 and offer one of the widest choices of acrylic wall decor on the market under one roof. The different thickness can make a big difference to how your panel will look.

More Choices - bespoke options

3d quality

Custom made acrylics
We have a huge extended range of thicknesses, sizes, colours and finishes that are available on request. If you are after something different then Contact us, we can do amazing things!

4 fixings - to secure your work

Nothing more beautiful!
Stand off Acrylics are suitable for high traffic areas, receptions and exhibitions, basically anywhere where it may get knocked or stolen. The acrylic are attached to the wall with 4 satin fixings and standoff the wall by approx 25mm.