Professional Floating Acrylic Panels Online

A floating acrylic panel does exactly what it says. It appears to float off the wall with no visible fixings and creates a slight shadow to create a 3 dimensional display. From a single screw in your wall using a keyhole fixing it is easy to hang, and with a choice of thicknesses we have a lot to offer. The Classic, Pro and Signature range have a balancing back panel to minimalise curvature and they have been tested thoroughly and will not fall off the wall like some others we have seen. Our aim is to create art that will last a lifetime! Acrylics in more detail...

Value Floating 5mm Acrylic panel

Our highly demanded 5mm floating acrylic  re-modelled with a smaller back panel to reduce the manufacturing costs. Only available in 12 sizes with a maximum size of 20"x30" and no bespoke size options available. Designed to fit all of our standard box sizes and designed for volume.

Delivery within 11 working days

Classic Floating 5mm Acrylic Panel

Best Seller

This is our 'Best Selling' Acrylic panel by far. Designed to last a life time and built with the finest quality raw materials. The panel has a 5mm front panel and a 3mm  stablising back panel that is 1" smaller. Available in many standard sizes up to 1mtrx1.5mtr with bespoke options available on request.

Delivery within 6 working days

Professional Floating 10mm Acrylic Panel

A 'beefed' up version floating acrylic panel with a 10mm front and a 3mm stablising back panel with the same spec as our 5mm. The extra depth give images more detail, brightness and contrast as the light bounces around inside the panel. We only keep a few popular sizes in stock but Bespoke sizes are available on request.

Delivery within 11 working days
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Floating Acrylic Panels: Simple beauty made for the professional

Last a lifetime - Handmade

cut crystal to symbolise quality

Clearly Simple
Using the skills of our craftsmen, we have developed the floating acrylic taking in to account the failings of others. We tested the panels for 2 years before launching them and are so sure that they will not fail, offer huge 1mtrx1mtr panels, hung from 1 fixing! Bigger sizes are available in some versions but may be hung from multiple fixings on the backs.

Floating! - makes it!

thickness of our acrylic blocks

Invisible Magic
Having just an Acrylic image hanging with no visible fixings makes all the difference. They work in any environment, in any house, with any decor! and with their high gloss finish give an image an amazing lift. Available in many different thicknesses, the thicker they get the more amazing they look.

Bespoke - More options

3d quality

Custom Floating Acrylics
With our bespoke services we can make any size you need, there are some limitations but if you need something special then contact us, and we will be glad to help. Bespoke panels have a 10 working day production time and are made to your specific requirements.

Over Engineered? - why not!

Beauty must last!
We pride ourselves in making long lasting works of art and we want you to enjoy them for many years. Thats why we make sure we make them the Latent Light way, we use the laws of physics, our engineering backgrounds and our photographic skills to create products to last a lifetime.