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Perfect Bound

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Real Bookbinding, Real Personalisation

Slick, smooth, vibrant and stylish; the Perfect Bound has it all. With the ability to personalise from cover to interior these Photobooks hand over complete creative control and with pages made from our specially selected 190gsm Silk paper, the feel and reproduction quality of your images will ignite sparks of visual awe in all that lay eyes on it. Perfect Binding is the defining quality, unique to this choice of Photobook; it is the binding method used to produce the large majority of books on the market and it is this “real book” authenticity that is most visually prominent in its design. A truly bright and colourful page turner that oozes with excitable life.

Service time:
5 working days ( + delivery)
Stock: Excellent Supply Chain
  • 170gsm double sided stock
  • Perfect bound pages
  • 260gsm laminated book cover
  • Choice of templates and layouts
  • 20-100 pages
  • 3 sizes available: A5, A4 and 8x8"
Sizes Delivery Price
A5 Landscape - A4 Landscape Collection in Person (by: Friday 1 Dec) £ 0.00
A5 Landscape - A4 Landscape Royal Mail (1Kg) (by: Wednesday 6 Dec) £ 3.60
A5 Landscape - A4 Landscape Courier (5kg) (by: Monday 4 Dec) £ 6.00

We delivery quickly, safely and at reasonable cost. We keep our charges low and makesure they reflect the actual cost of delivery. We also use our own patented delivery boxes to ensure everything arrives in perfect condition.

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Upload a 300dpi .jpg or .png file. 40MB maximum filesize. We prefer 300 pixels per printed inch for sublime quality. Artwork below 150 pixels per printed inch may not look perfect on the final print.

Please pass on my massive thanks... I'm grateful for everyone's help and didn't think I had a chance of pulling this off having hatched the idea less than a week ago.

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