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CD Case Calendar

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Calendars CD Case Calendar
Small & Compact

An acrylic CD case has use beyond the containment of audio as when inverted it creates a flawless stand. It makes for a fantastic, compact calendar best suited for desk, side-table and worktop environments. Each page is made up of 260gsm textured silk paper with appropriate dating and space for an image of choice per month. Choose a theme and create a personal yet practical gift.

Service time:
5 working days ( + delivery)
  • Special 260gsm double sided silk paper
  • Acrylic CD case supplied
  • Single image per page
Sizes Delivery Price
All sizes Collection in Person (by: 26th March) £ 0.00
All sizes Royal Mail (1Kg) (by: 29th March) £ 3.60
All sizes Courier (5kg) (by: 27th March) £ 6.00

We delivery quickly, safely and at reasonable cost. We keep our charges low and makesure they reflect the actual cost of delivery. We also use our own patented delivery boxes to ensure everything arrives in perfect condition.

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Please pass on my massive thanks... I'm grateful for everyone's help and didn't think I had a chance of pulling this off having hatched the idea less than a week ago.

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